Build Log: Reviung41lp

My second fully wireless build! I have been using this now as my daily driver since I built it and itโ€™s a strong candidate for my long term travel ambitions. The BOM Reviung41lp PCB from Cyril nice!nano controller running ZMK firmware Kailh Choc White switches MBK Color keycaps in red from MKUltra MBK Holo keycap […]

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Build Log: Reviung41

I have come across the Reviung many times in my searches through the mechanical keyboard world. I remember early on thinking it didnโ€™t have nearly enough keys, where would I put my brackets, etc. Now Iโ€™ve built one and since built another and I absolutely love it. The BOM Reviung41 kit from Pro micro […]

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Build Log: Corne Light v2

A pair of Corne Light v2 PCBs recently came into my possession from Tom. He’d built it up with Kailh Choc v2 brown switches and said he actually liked them a fair amount, so I thought I’d do one up myself and see if I liked them. TL;DR: yes, I like them, and this is […]

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Build log: Corne Chocolate v2.1

The idea with this build was to make a very light weight very low profile wireless keyboard for travel purposes. Perhaps even for Long Term Travel purposes. It has evolved a fair amount over time, but I think itโ€™s mostly in its final form. I do get a lot of questions about various aspects of […]

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