TL;DR: SASE or just ask. Donate to charity if you want. I’ll match.

Among other things, I love stickers. A lot. Like a lot a lot. I have stickers all over my laptops, I have stickers all over the backs of my monitors, I have stickers that I have in a drawer while I figure out what sort of canvas I’m going to put them on. I love stickers.

I especially love stickers for things I like. Like the keyboards I use or have built, or places I’ve bought keyboard parts from, or cool people in the community, or whatever.

But sometimes those things don’t have stickers already made up, available, and ready to acquire. So sometimes I need to get them made.

Now, I mostly just want a handful of stickers for myself, but getting 50 stickers made is not that much more expensive than getting 10 made, and then you have tons of extra stickers to give away!

Generally the stickers I get made up are from either open source boards or communities, or are stickers I get made because I really just want a sticker with that logo on it. I always get permission*, and my goal is not to make money off of them.

So the way I do this is to sell my stickers as “donationware”. I’m not actually selling you a sticker. If you want one, send me a SASE and I’ll drop a couple stickers in and send it back. Or just ask me for some stickers and I’ll send you some. If you really truly insist that someone get paid because you got a sticker, then please, by all means, find a better place than my wallet for that money. Find a charity, preferably something local to you and something near and dear to your heart. Give them whatever money you might want to give me. And then let me know you did, and I’ll match the donation.

And yes, I will send you a sticker *wherever* you are. If I can get it to you via USPS, I’ll send you a sticker. McMurdo Station? Yep. Zanzibar? Absolutely. Apartment #11 in my building? Certainly. Please send me a picture to let me know you got it!

There are 2 things I want to point out here. Firstly, I may end up selling stickers in the future. As in, taking cash money for them. These will be separate from stickers that I give away under my “donationware” policy, not that I will suddenly start charging for stickers I have already made or whatever. Secondly, I reserve the right to choose whether or not I match the charity you donated to. If it’s not an organization I will give money to, then I will choose something I deem appropriate and send my money there. I’ll still send you a sticker, though.

*: I actually got one set of stickers made up without permission. In fairness, the stickers are for a joke product based on a meme, and I tried to get permission and never got a response.